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I’m a romantic at heart and have had an interest in erotica for as long as I can remember.  It was inevitable that I should enjoy reading and writing sexy stories.  This site contains examples of my work and links to others.


If you are over 18 and sexually explicit material does not offend you, please take a look at My Books.  If you don’t qualify yet, please exit now—but hurry back when you do.


Love and peace be with you, whatever your path…



Yvonne Sarah Lewis, writer of romantic, erotic fiction

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"It's a neat feat for an author to manage this many intimate encounters and still bring a story to life."

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Harmony in the Harem


Simon has loved and left a lot of women, but in sultry Charlotte he meets his match.  She poses a conundrum: “How can I take you as my lover and still keep faith with my husband?”  She’s read a book on harem etiquette which shows her how to solve the riddle.  Has he considered the consequences of sharing her with her husband?  Has she?  His contempt for her husband changes to pity and burgeons into something more.  The result is something none of them could have foreseen.